135G Modem Design Challenges

YihShen Chen1, Jiann-Ching Guey1, Chienhwa Hwang1, PeiKai Liao1, Guillaume Sébire2, WeideWu1, and Weidong Yang3

1MediaTek, Taiwan

2MediaTek, Finland

3MediaTek, United States

13.1 Introduction

5G NR – the new radio access technology at the heart of the 5G system – is designed to push the boundaries of mobile communications to unprecedented levels in terms of data rates, latency, reliability, and connectivity. Purposely versatile, 5G NR is engineered to address the needs, known and future, of many industries, to enable new services and experiences, through a high degree of in-built flexibility and configurability.

Thus, an engineering challenge in itself, 5G NR is also a major engineering challenge for mobile device implementation, especially the modem. Indeed, the promise of 5G NR to deliver multi-Gbps data rates, ultra-reliability, and low latency is only viable if the overall complexity of the modem and its power consumption are all but fully mitigated for mobile devices. This chapter provides expert insights into how this difficult equation can be resolved so that 5G NR can quickly become a reality for consumers. It assumes a working knowledge of 5G NR, as described ...

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