List of Abbreviations

6LoWPAN IPv6 over low-power wireless area networks
AAL ATM adaptation layer
ACK acknowledgement
AH authentication header
AES advanced encryption standard
AMI advanced metering infrastructure
ANSI American National Standards Institute
ANubis Advanced Network for Unified Building Integration and Services
ASHRAE American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Engineers
AODV ad hoc on-demand distance vector
API application programming interface
ATM asynchronous transfer mode
AVP (RTP) audio video profile
BACnet building automation and control networks
BER binary encoding rules
BGP border gateway protocol
BLIP Berkeley IP implementation
BXML binary XML
BVLL BACnet virtual link layer
CAP compact application protocol
CBC cipher-block chaining
CCM counter with CBC-MAC
CID Context ID
CoA care-of address
COSEM companion specification for energy metering
CPU central processing unit
CRC cyclical redundancy check
CSMA carrier sense multiple access
DAD Duplicate Address Detection
DHCP dynamic host configuration protocol
DLL data link layer
DLMS device language message specification
DNS domain name system
DPWS devices profile for web services
DSCP differentiated services control point
DSL digital subscriber line
DSR dynamic source routing ...

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