System Examples

In this chapter we look at how 6LoWPAN is used as a part of complete systems. We introduce the ISA100 standard for industrial automation systems, along with two commercial systems that use 6LoWPAN. By analyzing real systems we can put wireless communication and 6LoWPAN networking issues into a practical perspective, looking at where and how 6LoWPAN and related protocols are used. Often the best way to understand the real potential of embedded networking technology is to dig into an application area, which usually reveals a surprising number of uses. The case of facility management introduced in Section 1.1.5 is a good example of this. At the same time, 6LoWPAN networking is only one piece of the embedded system, which often consists of a large number of subsystems and communication technologies. When making a commercial system using wireless IP networking technology, especially when dealing with embedded devices and systems, there are a number of issues that must be faced that aren’t necessarily explained in standards – including for example installation cost, ease of use, user privacy and system security.

Industrial automation requires a holistic system approach as there are special requirementsfor QoS, safety and security. The integration of wireless industrial field devices with backend supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems requires careful planning. In Section 7.1 we introduce the ISA100 standard, which defines a complete system solution ...

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