7 Steps to More Productive Meetings

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Another dreaded meeting. Another time waster leaving many unsure over what the meeting is about or why they were asked to attend. Do meetings have to be this way? No so, say meeting researchers Emily and Dick Axelrod. They’ve whittled down their 60+ years of combined experience in helping institutions large and small plan and execute meetings into a precise effective system called The Meeting Canoe©. In this video, you’ll learn all about their system and how to create meetings that will cause your meeting goers – even that hard to please IT crowd - to genuinely say their time was well-spent.

  • Discover a totally new system for creating useful, engaging, and meaningful-to-all meetings
  • See how this new system works for project meetings, virtual meetings, and town hall meetings
  • Discover the video game principles that keep meeting goers from looking at their smart phones
  • Master the ways to rescue meetings from the dominators who talk too much or go off on tangents
  • Pick up effective techniques for dealing with late-comers, early-leavers, and conflict-makers
  • Understand how to accurately predict if your meeting will be a success or a failure
  • Learn to stimulate the brains of meeting goers using methods derived from neuroscience
  • Emily and Dick Axelrod are co-founders of the Axelrod Group, Inc, a performance improvement consultancy known for transforming business interactions into collaborative human experiences. Recognized for the work they’ve done by the New York Times, Inc., and Forbes, they’ve bettered meeting practices for companies across North America and Europe for more than three decades. Their books include Let's Stop Meeting Like This: Tools to Save Time and Get More Done and Terms of Engagement: New Ways of Leading and Changing Organizations.

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  • Title: 7 Steps to More Productive Meetings
  • Author(s): Dick Axelrod, Emily Axelrod
  • Release date: July 2016
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781491963135