7 Strategies to Save Time and Money with Your Mobile Launch (or Re-Launch)

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Mobile maven SC Moatti knows the odds. She knows that 50% of the mobile apps offered at the Apple App Store will never be downloaded – not even once. She also knows how the sharks in Silicon Valley beat those odds. Using specialized knowledge she’s gleaned from her time working mobile at Facebook, Trulia, and Nokia, and in countless interviews with mobile’s high-rollers, Moatti will help you win the game of mobile launch. Budding players with well defined ideas, in-hand prototypes, or under-performing already launched apps are best suited for Moatti’s advice. Roll with her as she demos the Business Equation, the 2% Mobile Conversion Funnel, the Viral Loop and more. When play stops, you’ll understand mobile methods for defining success, setting clear metrics, targeting your audience, pulling them in, hooking them, and scaling up fast. Ready? Now, don’t fold.

  • Discover the single most important success metric every mobile maker must know
  • Watch how the AirBnB’s of the world use Short-cuts, Hooks, and Layers to onboard customers fast
  • Examine the Segmentation Matrix, a context-behavior tool that keeps customers asking for more
  • See how Trulia made their app stand out in a crowded field by tapping mobile’s unique capabilities
  • Get the inside dope on which of the 300+ performance measurement tools you need to survive
  • Explore Viral Loops and Marketplace Balancing: techniques that keep customers from leaving
  • Learn to scale up smart by optimizing your creatives and your mobile marketing channels

SC Moatti is a mobile veteran from Silicon Valley. She’s helped launch and monetize mobile products used by billions of people at Nokia, Trulia and Facebook. She currently runs Products That Count, a Bay Area company that advises businesses on how to leverage mobile technology. She’s on the board at Opera Software; writes on mobile for the Huffington Post; and lectures at Stanford. She has an MBA from Stanford and an MS in electrical engineering.

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  • Title: 7 Strategies to Save Time and Money with Your Mobile Launch (or Re-Launch)
  • Author(s): SC Moatti
  • Release date: April 2016
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781491959138