Automatic and Assisted Site Survey Tools 243
Figure 10-27 Ping Testing
Automatic and Assisted Site Survey Tools
Automated surveys include both assisted and totally automatic surveys. As suggested
earlier, the assisted survey is really a mix between a manual and a totally automatic survey,
providing benefits of both. Here the discussion focuses on only one of each type, using the
Aruba Networks to discuss automatic surveys and the Cisco SWAN framework for dis-
cussing the assisted survey. Although the actual implementation of these types of surveys
will vary somewhat between vendors and is unique to each product type, they are similar.
The intention of this section is to give an idea of how they work in general terms, and the
pros and cons of each type.
Aruba Networks offers a WLAN system that includes a network switch acting as the
WLAN controller, and APs that are managed by the switch. When installing an Aruba
network, you must first install the APs and WLAN. The initial reaction to an installation
like this is often, “Where do you place the APs? Isn't that what a site survey is for?” The
answer is to use a best-guess process based on user density and location (similar to the
coffee cup survey discussed earlier), and to place enough APs to feel certain there will be
more than enough RF coverage in the desired areas. This means using more APs than might
be necessary based on user density. This overengineering enables you to cover any RF holes
that might result from RF shadows and multipath interference.

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