90 Days, 90 Ways: Onboard Young Professionals to Peak Performance

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90 Days, 90 Ways demonstrates how to achieve the goal of getting new employees oriented, integrated, and trained within the first 90 days of their employment so they can make significant contributions to your business. The title is based on nine action-oriented strategies which explore the best practices for growing your new hires into competent, accountable members of your organization. These strategies include how to: successfully design the crucial first-day experience for young professionals; identify and communicate the most important concepts required for success within an organization; integrate new hires into your workplace culture; develop employees who communicate effectively for maximum impact; create employees who deliver results, grow from mistakes, and are accountable; keep young professionals focused on their top priorities; teach relationship-building and service-orientation within the organization; create a possibility-centered culture, encourage autonomy, and foster work-life integration, and empower peak performance in your employees and grow the next generation of leaders. These fundamental strategies are supported by 90 corresponding, practical tactics to help ensure the bottom-line effectiveness of your new-hire training program. Utilizing objective facts and figures; pragmatic, experience-based insights and suggestions; case examples; and hands-on exercises for you and your employees

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Praise
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Content
  6. Introduction
  7. Chapter 1: Young Professional 411
    1. Why the Focus on 90 Days
    2. Habits to Keep
      1. Balancing Multiple “Things”
      2. Collaboration
      3. Respect for Difference
      4. Commitment to Learning
      5. Recycle-the-Box™ Thinking
    3. Habits to Reshape
      1. All-Nighters
      2. Senioritis
      3. The What’s My Grade? Mentality
      4. Success Is About the Individual
      5. The Loudest One Wins
  8. Chapter 2: Create a Knockout Day One
    1. Begin Day One Prior to Day One
    2. Orient Around an Engaging Task for the Day
    3. Give Time to Customize the Workspace
    4. Let Michael Scott Lead Your Office Tour
    5. Make Nice With Information Technology (IT)
    6. Set up a Lunch Date
    7. Get to Relationship Building
    8. Schedule a Quick Date With HR
    9. Address Lingering Anxiety
    10. Introduce the Focus for the Week
    11. Tweet-Sized Takeaways
  9. Chapter 3: Give Them What They Need to Know to Succeed
    1. Articulate Role Responsibilities Clearly and Create Accountability
    2. Share Company Vision, Mission, and Core Values Again and Again
    3. Reveal Company and Team Short- and Long-Term Goals
    4. Focus Training on What’s Relevant
    5. Be Proactive and Teach Young Professionals Integral Systems and Procedures
    6. Explain the Chain of Commands
    7. Be Transparent About the Promotion Channel
    8. Co-Create a Career Development Plan
    9. Have Young Professionals Identify Their SWOT
    10. Provide Relevant Contact Information
    11. Tweet-Sized Takeaways
  10. Chapter 4: Integrate Them Into Your Workplace Culture
    1. Hook Young Professionals Into Unique Cultural Features
    2. Bring Your Company’s History Off the Web and Into Your Work
    3. Demystify Company and Field Jargon
    4. Match Young Professionals With a Peer Buddy
    5. Set Up Meet and Greets With Key Contacts
    6. Be Transparent About After-Hours
    7. Give a Role at Meetings
    8. Admit When You Have Egg on Your Face
    9. Co-Create a Culture of Global Responsibility
    10. Connect Book Knowledge to the Realities of the Workplace
    11. Tweet-Sized Takeaways
  11. Chapter 5: Build High-Impact Communicators
    1. Exchange Communication Preferences and Styles
    2. Keep Communication Audience-Appropriate
    3. Illuminate Generational Preferences
    4. Make Opinions Sub Vs. Main Arguments
    5. Identify the Call to Action and Work Backward
    6. Weed Out Vocalized Thinking
    7. Take Your Audience With You
    8. Curb People Pleasing and Puffing
    9. Make Not Having an Answer an Acceptable Answer
    10. Develop Strong and Succinct Presentation Skills
    11. Tweet-Sized Takeaways
  12. Chapter 6: Ensure a Return on Your Expectations
    1. Be Transparent
    2. Co-Create Means for Assessment
    3. Find Your Employee’s Motivators
    4. Create a Coaching Culture
    5. Do it Early…and Often
    6. Be Open to Coaching
    7. Make Mistakes Teachable Moments
    8. Uphold Consequences
    9. Reward Outstanding Performance
    10. If it’s Not a Fit, Let Them Go
    11. Tweet-Sized Takeaways
  13. Chapter 7: Keep Their Focus on Their Focus
    1. Zero Tolerance for Triangulation
    2. Always Have a Filter Question
    3. Say Yes By Saying No
    4. Use the Payoff as a Carrot
    5. Keep an Eye on the Two Steps Ahead
    6. Time Leadership Trumps Time Management
    7. To Do or to Delegate…Know the Difference
    8. Get of Your Own Way By Getting Out of Your Head
    9. Encourage a Praxis Approach
    10. Assign “Vice” Work
    11. Tweet-Sized Takeaways
  14. Chapter 8: Develop Impeccable Customer Service Skills
    1. Frame Customer Service as a Form of Networking
    2. Listen for What Is Being Said
    3. Listen for What Is Not Being Said
    4. Ask Questions From a Place of Curiosity
    5. Mirror Back What You Observe
    6. Make People Feel Validated
    7. Let Everyone Get What They Need
    8. Show Them How to “Hold the Beach Ball”
    9. Give Authority to Make Low-Level Decisions
    10. Administer Trial Runs
    11. Tweet-Sized Takeaways
  15. Chapter 9: Grow Employees Who Create Company Calm
    1. Create Employees With a Possibility-Centered Mindset
    2. Encourage People to Feel What They’re Feeling… for 90 Seconds
    3. Develop Proactivity Over Reactivity
    4. Zap Conflict
    5. Bring in Some Old-Fashioned Forgiveness
    6. Kill Fear Mongering
    7. Get Them Organized Their Way
    8. Be Mindful of the Learning Curve
    9. Encourage Outside Interests
    10. Value Privacy and “Off” Time
    11. Tweet-Sized Takeaways
  16. Chapter 10: Inspire Great Performance
    1. Be a Mirror for What You Seek
    2. Let Yourself Learn From Them
    3. Make Yourself Accessible
    4. Give the Gift of Trust
    5. Push Young Professionals Outside Their Comfort Zones
    6. Let Employees Have Input
    7. Proselytize Mentorship
    8. Invest in Their Learning and Development
    9. Provide Opportunities to Lead
    10. Your Tactic
    11. Tweet-Sized Takeaways
  17. Afterthought
  18. Acknowledgments
  19. About the Author
  20. Index

Product information

  • Title: 90 Days, 90 Ways: Onboard Young Professionals to Peak Performance
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: April 2012
  • Publisher(s): Association for Talent Development
  • ISBN: 9781562868161