Appendix A. Contributors

Adrian Wible

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Adrian Wible’s self-chosen title is “software development catalyst.” He works for ThoughtWorks, Inc., mostly in project management roles, but strives to fend off suggestions of being “post-technical” by getting his hands dirty in software development from time to time. He was indoctrinated in the Waterfall/SDLC mode of development as a developer at IBM, and moved into project, people, and process management roles throughout his 20+ year career there and at Dell Computer Corporation. Adrian joined ThoughtWorks and discovered the Agile Manifesto (and XP, and Scrum, and…) in 2005, and realized that project work and management could be fun, exciting, and rewarding. He hasn’t looked back since.

Adrian can be reached at .

Alan Griffiths

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Alan Griffiths has been developing software through many fashions in development processes, technologies, and programming languages. During that time, he’s delivered working software and development processes to a range of organizations, written for a number of magazines, spoken at several conferences, and made many friends. Firmly convinced that common sense is a rare and marketable commodity, he’s currently working as an independent consultant through his company, Octopull ...

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