338 A B2B Solution using WebSphere Business Integration and WebSphere Business Connection
16.1 Configuration for ITSO Redboats
The configuration on the ITSO Redboats TPI Server includes the following:
򐂰 Creating a company profile
򐂰 Creating a partner profile
򐂰 Setting up a transport.
16.1.1 Creating a company profile
A company profile is created to allow the WebSphere Data Interchange server to
understand where the TPI Server is and what its properties are.
We use the company profile information viewer to set up and maintain company
With a company profile, we can trade with different trading partners using:
򐂰 Any transport
We can use different transports with different partners. You do not have to use
the same transport method as your trading partner.
򐂰 Any document type
Including X12, EDIFACT, XML or binary documents such as those generated
by legacy business applications, SAP, PeopleSoft or Oracle Financial.
1. To create a company profile, go to Start -> Program Files -> Crossworlds
TPI-> Administrator.
2. Select the Company Profile icon in the left menu and you will see the
company profile overview window.
Chapter 16. Trading Partner Interchange components 339
Figure 16-1 Company Profile Overview Window
3. Select File -> New from the menu bar to create a new company profile. To
change a company profile, double-click the profile’s record line in the
information viewer. Or, select the profile and click Open.
4. In the pop-up window, enter the company name as ITSO Redboats, Company
ID as 08ITSO, and click OK.
340 A B2B Solution using WebSphere Business Integration and WebSphere Business Connection
Figure 16-2 Company Profile
5. Enter Company Name, Address and Contact details in the Identity tab.
Figure 16-3 Company Details Window
6. Use the Company Profile window Preferences tab to set up or change
preferences information for a company profile, including: trading status, alert
Chapter 16. Trading Partner Interchange components 341
and notify e-mail addresses and SMTP server, and document backup options.
In this window, you can give your e-mail ID if you want to get e-mail
notification on any errors in transaction. The e-mail address of the
administrator is normally given here. Set all the others to Backup and Archive.
This will back up and archive all the files that have been transacted.
Figure 16-4 Preferences tab
7. The Inbound Transports tab allows you to change your company profile in the
following ways:
򐂰 Add a transport that partners can use to send documents to you
򐂰 Edit the settings for a configured transport
򐂰 Remove a transport from the list of configured transports for the profile
Here we have used Bundled HTTPS as our transport; you can use any of the
ten listed transports to exchange documents between your company and
342 A B2B Solution using WebSphere Business Integration and WebSphere Business Connection
others. Basically, we are defining how we want to receive our documents,
whether through File system, MQSeries, HTTP, SMTP, etc.
To add a new transport, select New in the Transport tab, and in the pop-up
window select Bundled HTTPS as transport. On pressing Enter you will get a
pop-up window asking for details of the HTTPS server. You need to specify
the URL and the port on which the server is running. Give an unused port
number, and the URL will be already filled for you.
Figure 16-5 Company Transports Window
8. Go to the System Directories tab and check whether the base path is set to
Please consider the following points about system directories:
If this is the first company profile you have set up, the system directories
are not created until you start the Server application.

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