Chapter 16. Trading Partner Interchange components 343
If the Server application is already running, the system directories for a
new company profile are not created until you save the profile.
Changing the directory structure after TPI has been operational must be
done with care. This is because documents received before this change
are not transferred to the new directory structure. TPI does not delete the
old directory structure.
The INBOUND Directories are where we get the files that are sent by the
other TPI Servers to us, and the OUTBOUND Directories are those where we
have to keep the files to send them to our partners.
9. Use the Company Profile window Integration tab to have TPI send inbound or
outbound documents to an FTP server, JMS or IBM MQSeries application.
You also can set up post-processing commands for inbound documents. TPI
does not package any documents that are transferred by way of integration
In the Integration tab, we specify whether we take messages from any other
tool than the system directories. In our scenario, we are reading and writing
messages from a queue, so we integrate with WebSphere MQ. Select IBM
MQSeries in the drop-down list menu adjacent to the EDI documents as
shown in Figure 16-6 on page 344.
344 A B2B Solution using WebSphere Business Integration and WebSphere Business Connection
Figure 16-6 Integration Tab
We get an IBM MQ Series options window in which we have to give the
details of the queue manager, queue, port and channel for input and output as
shown in Figure 16-7 on page 345.
Chapter 16. Trading Partner Interchange components 345
Figure 16-7 Integration Tab-MQSeries Properties
10.In the Tuning tab, we specify the interval between each time the server polls
to the directory or IBM MQ Series queue. We also specify how many files can
be taken by the server at one time. Depending on these values, the TPI
Server performance varies.
Use the Company Profile window Tuning tab to adjust the polling rate and
documents per cycle of inbound transports and outbound documents by type.
In addition, users of TPI for Trading Networks or TPI for ASPs and
Exchanges can adjust unpackaging threads for inbound transports and
packaging threads for outbound document types. Users of TPI for Trading
Networks or TPI for ASPs and Exchanges can also use synchronous
unpackaging instead of inbound document polling. Changing any value on
this tab is optional and should be considered only if you need to improve
system performance. If first-in, first-out (FIFO) document processing is
important to you, retain the default value of 1 for packaging and unpackaging
threads. Changing to a higher value can undermine FIFO processing.
346 A B2B Solution using WebSphere Business Integration and WebSphere Business Connection
Figure 16-8 Tuning tab
11.Click Finish, and you will be asked whether to generate a Certificate to
associate with the company profile. Select YES to generate a certificate.
12.On the first New Certificate wizard window, select Generate your own
certificate and click Next.
13.Click Single key if you want one certificate for both signing and encrypting
documents. Click Dual key if you want two certificates, one for signing
documents and another for encrypting documents.
Chapter 16. Trading Partner Interchange components 347
Figure 16-9 Self Signed Certificate Generation
14.Select one of the following encryption key lengths from the key length
drop-down list:
512: to use the certificate with partners who use other S/MIME- or
EDI-INT-certified software, you must use this key length.
1024: strong encryption. This is recommended for exchanging documents
with partners who use TPI.
2048: very strong encryption.
15.For the validity period, if you want anything other than the default value of two
years, type the length of time you want the certificate to be valid in the Validity
period field. Select days, months or years from the drop-down list.
16.Click Next to display the New Certificate summary window.
Review the information in the window. Click Back to change any information
or click Finish to generate the certificate.
When you click Finish, a dialog box appears with a message that the
certificates are being generated and might take a few minutes to complete.

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