Chapter 12. Introducing the company and the scenario 177
򐂰 Synchronized order entry between the CRM and the sales and distribution
system using:
MQSeries Workflow for process management and approval handling
WebSphere MQ Integrator for data formatting, enrichment and processing
of errors
CrossWorlds InterChange Server
CrossWorlds collaboration for sales order processing
CrossWorlds connectors for MQSeries Workflow, JDBC and SAP
These first phases were known as the “Integration Master Plan” because they
provided the basis of the Enterprise Application Integration solution toward which
ITSO Redboats is moving.
ITSO Redboats does not manufacture its own boat parts, but does, however,
maintain warehouse space for parts, generally keeping reasonable stock levels
on hand. Orders to the vendors who supply the parts are normally created
manually through the purchasing group using the SAP system, when an arbitrary
“low stock” level has been reached. For a long time, ITSO Redboats has
considered the need to provide warehousing for stock an unnecessary overhead.
The management of ITSO Redboats has reviewed this current situation and
decided that it now wishes to investigate extending the “Integration Master Plan”
to include ordering boat parts on demand.
12.3 Where are we going?
The next stage of the “Integration Master Plan” will take the EAI solution of the
“Integration Master Plan” and extend it to include some additional B2B
components. The management of ITSO Redboats has re-engaged a redbook
team to perform this next proof-of-concept.
The ITSO Redboats management has decided to extend the solution to enable it
to divest itself of the parts warehouses and associated costs, and pursue
on-demand ordering of the boat components. To this end, this proof-of-concept
will explore the use of several individual components of both the WebSphere
Business Integration and WebSphere Business Connection product suites.
As was mentioned earlier, the EAI solution gave ITSO Redboats a chance to
evaluate the use of the CrossWorlds InterChange Server as a broker and
CrossWorlds connectors for application connectivity. In this scenario, ITSO
Redboats has decided that it wishes to utilize WebSphere MQ Integrator as the
broker and WebSphere Business Integration Adapters for application
178 A B2B Solution using WebSphere Business Integration and WebSphere Business Connection
connectivity to get a feel for all products, their flexibility and interactions, in the
WebSphere Business Integration product set.
For the B2B components of this scenario, the company has asked that we
assume that none of the trading partners it will be ordering from has the entire
WebSphere Business Connection suite, but that each has one or more single
software components. One trading partner will use TPI and the other will use the
Web Services Gateway. The proof-of-concept will show how each of these
products can be used both individually and in conjunction with the other products
to meet the needs of both ITSO Redboats and its trading partners, and also fit
seamlessly with the new EAI infrastructure planned for the company.

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