A Beginner’s Guide to Open Source

Video description

Learn everything you need to know about free and open source software (OSS) using this video introduction. You will understand the need for OSS, the motivation behind its emergence, and its philosophy, in particular the contrasting schools of thought in the OSS movement (i.e. free software vs. open source). You will then move on to more detailed, practical matters, beginning with software licensing, the importance of licenses, and the issues surrounding them.

The mechanics of writing open source software are described by demonstrating how it is done in typical, real-world projects. An overview of the OSS ecosystem shows you what tools, applications, and organizations are out there. Finally, you’ll see various testimonies from OSS users and developers explaining why they choose OSS and the benefits they derive from it.

What You Will Learn 
  • Begin navigating the OSS phenomenon 
  • See the basics of writing proprietary vs. open source software
  • Discover the motivations and principles behind OSS licensing, methods, and tools
  • Understand what requirements a program must meet to be considered OSS
  • Follow the typical development processes for open source projects 

Who This Video Is For

These videos are for anyone who wants to begin dipping their toe into open source and are looking for a simple, informative introduction. The video is suitable for programmers or non-programmers, such as non-technical managers and business owners.

Product information

  • Title: A Beginner’s Guide to Open Source
  • Author(s): Karl Beecher
  • Release date: December 2018
  • Publisher(s): Apress
  • ISBN: 9781484243497