3.2 Exploitation

Exploiting this bug was an exciting challenge. NULL pointer dereferences are usually labeled as unexploitable bugs because they can generally be used for a denial-of-service attack but not for arbitrary code execution. However, this NULL pointer dereference is different, as it can be successfully exploited for arbitrary code execution at the kernel level.


The platform that I used throughout this section was the default installation of Solaris 10 10/08 x86/x64 DVD Full Image (sol-10-u6-ga1-x86-dvd.iso), which is called Solaris 10 Generic_137138-09.

To exploit the vulnerability, I performed the following steps:

  1. Trigger the NULL pointer dereference for a denial of service.

  2. Use the zero page to get control over EIP/RIP.

Step 1: Trigger ...

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