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A Career-Changer’s Checklist: Twelve Common-Sense Questions to Find Your Career

Book Description

12 Questions to Help You Find Your Ideal Career

Professionals in IT are struggling with these questions:

  • How do I make a career change?

  • What do I do for a career?

  • How do I advance in IT?

You are being bombarded with reams and reams of data concerning what is hot and what is not, what jobs are paying a living wage and which are not, which technologies are dying and which are getting ready to launch. Between all the salary surveys, expert opinions, gurus, and talking heads predicting where the sector is going, trying to make a career decision in this sector is mind-numbing.

You and you alone are the person who has to make the decision. No one else can make it for you. But to make the right decision, you have to ask the right questions. We often are so emotionally embroiled in the struggle that we might overlook the obvious: the questions that will direct us in the correct path.

With Warren Wyrostek’s guidance through a series of 12 targeted questions, you will get a chance to diagnose and treat your career, providing you with an excellent career prognosis. Are you ready to make a change?