Chapter 3. What Do You Like to Do? (Pleasure and Passion!)

Welcome to the second question in A Career-Changer’s Checklist series.

In this chapter, I want to go a step further and ask the following:

• What do you like to do? What gives you pleasure? What are you passionate about?

• Why do you like it?

• When do you like to do something?

• What don’t you like to do?

What Do You Like to Do?

There can definitely be a difference between wanting to do XYZ and liking to do XYZ. That might seem odd or contradictory, but think about it. You might want to build a deck for your home, but do you necessarily like to build decks out in the elements? Or is building decks just something you want to do?

And to take the question a bit farther, does doing XYZ ...

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