Unnecessary Recursive Calls

Here’s a recursive function that finds the greatest number from an array:

 def​ ​max​(array)
 # Base case - if the array has only one element, it is
 # by definition the greatest number:
 return​ array[0] ​if​ array.​length​ == 1
 # Compare the first element with the greatest element
 # from the remainder of the array. If the first element
 # is greater, return it as the greatest number:
 if​ array[0] > max(array[1, array.​length​ - 1])
 return​ array[0]
 # Otherwise, return the greatest number from the remainder of the array:
 return​ max(array[1, array.​length​ - 1])

The essence of each recursive call is the comparison of a single number (array[0]) to the ...

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