Chapter 15. Integration Objects and WebSphere Studio 407
15.2 Requirements
In order to use this scenario, the following is assumed:
򐂰 Host Publisher Server is already installed on the target server.
򐂰 Your application has already been deployed to the Host Publisher server. This
means that:
All Integration Objects used by the application have been deployed
All poolspec, connspec, and macro files have been deployed
򐂰 WebSphere Studio has been installed on the same or a different machine
from the Host Publisher Server.
15.3 Sample scenario and required steps
The following scenario takes you through the steps of creating a new project in
WebSphere studio, and using the JavaBean Wizard to create the HTML and JSP
pages to drive our Host Publisher Integration Objects. Here is a high-level
overview of the steps involved:
1. Create a new project in WebSphere Studio using the default template. Set the
project properties, such as the application server versions, the JSP version,
and the markup language.
2. Insert into Websphere Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) the
Host Publisher common .jar files (habeansnlv.jar, HpRte.jar,
HPubCommon.jar) and the Integration Object.
3. Use the JavaBean Wizard to create the HTML and JSP pages with the JSP
model, while defining the input/output properties, and the methods used for
these pages. Perform minor customizations on the newly created JSP pages
and invoke the methods that execute the Integration Object.
4. Publish the project to the WebSphere server where Host Publisher Server is
5. Test and run the application.

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