42 IBM WebSphere Host Publisher Version 3.5
Figure 2-4 WAS administrator’s console
2.5 Installing Host Publisher Server
In this section, we show you the Host Publisher Server installation for the
Windows NT system. The Host Publisher installation process does not include a
Web Server and does not support installation of one after Host Publisher and
WebSphere are installed. Therefore, be sure to install one of the Web servers
supported by WebSphere Applications Server (WAS). In the rest of this section,
we assume that WAS has been properly installed.
Important: WebSphere Application Server 3.5 must be active for the Host
Publisher installation and configuration to be successful.
Chapter 2. Installation 43
Start the installation with the setupwin command from the Host Publisher Server
CD-ROM (see Figure 2-5).
Figure 2-5 Host Publisher server installation
The installation process consists of a sequence of dialog boxes. During the
installation, you will be prompted for the target directory for the installation, as
illustrated in Figure 2-6 on page 44.
44 IBM WebSphere Host Publisher Version 3.5
Figure 2-6 Host Publisher Server: installation directory
You will also need to enter the number of licenses you have purchased as shown
in Figure 2-7 on page 45.
Chapter 2. Installation 45
Figure 2-7 Entering the number of licenses
The installation process lets you maintain your applications created with older
versions of Host Publisher (see Figure 2-8 on page 46) and as an option you can
also migrate these applications if required. For details about when and why
migration is needed, and other options, see Chapter 3, Application migration on
page 59.
46 IBM WebSphere Host Publisher Version 3.5
Figure 2-8 Keeping previous applications
Host Publisher Server installation includes a request for the URL alias you want
to use when accessing Host Publisher application pages. By default, this field
entry is HostPublisher. Specify any alias you want to use to access your
applications (see Figure 2-9).

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