A Designer’s Research Manual
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Jenn + Ken Visocky O’Grady are partners in business
and life. The couple cofounded Enspace, a creative
think tank where designers, writers, marketers, and
even the occasional historian collaborate to enhance
communication. The fi rm’s work has been recognized
by numerous organizations and featured in magazines
and books. Aspiring design evangelists, Jenn +
Ken have traveled the country jurying competitions
and presenting workshops and lectures. They also
spin daily chalk talks on the value of design in the
classroom, though there they practice solo—Jenn is an
Associate Professor at Cleveland State University, Ken
an Assistant Professor at Kent State University.
Born-and-raised Clevelanders, the couple is proud to
claim Ohio as their home.
This is their fi rst book.
This book is a collaborative effort, and would not have
been possible without the shared experiences and
candor of our contributors. We are inspired by their
work and honored by their participation.
The colleagues and friends we have met through AIGA
professional circles have been invaluable resources.
Special thanks to Christopher Liechty and Christopher
Vice for sharing their wisdom and ample connections!
Enspace would be seriously limping if our colleagues,
Paul Perchinske, Craig Ihms, and Amir Khosravi weren’t
there to pull our slack while we worked on this book
project. We’re indebted for the endless design critiques,
last minute proofi ng, and steady pep talks. Craig’s
experience as a professional journalist was essential in
shaping the case study section of the book.
Tom Humphrey, Kristin Ellison, and Regina Grenier have
been mentors and guides as we navigate the world of
publishing, and Rebecca Ranallo-Kahl provided expert
research assistance.
We are indebted to the professors who inspired us, and
to the students who keep us on our toes.
Our parents raised us on bedtime stories, piles of
books, assorted art supplies, and a steady stream of
expectation and encouragement. They were our fi rst and
remain our most infl uential role models of professional
passion and work ethic. How do you thank someone for a
lifetime of opportunity? We hope “we love you” will suf ce.
Our friends and family have put up with belated
celebrations, cancelled dates, and long quiet spells
with no contact while we worked in a cave on this book.
Hopefully they’ll still take our calls now that it’s complete.
To the next phase...
Job no: 8041CTP Title: RP_Designer Research Manual Client: PRO-VISION PTE
175 Size: 171.45(w)254(h)mm Co: MAC J M12 INDESIGN CS
Dept: DTP D/O: 16.05.06(Job no: 000000 D/O:00.00.06 Co: CM0)
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Visocky O’Grady, Jennifer.
A designer’s research manual : succeed in design by knowing your
client and what they really need / Jennifer Visocky O’Grady and
Kenneth Visocky O’Grady.
p. cm. — (Design fi eld guides)
Includes bibliographical references and index.
ISBN 1-59253-257-8 (hardcover)
1. Commercial art—United states—Marketing. 2. Graphic
arts—United StatesMarketing. I. Visocky O’Grady, Kenneth. II.
Title. III. Series.
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