We now return to logic. In Section 1.5, we proved that propositional logic is both sound and complete (Theorems 1.5.9 and 1.5.15). We now do the same for first-order logic. We have an added complication in that this logic involves formulas with variables. Sometimes the variables are all bound resulting in a sentence (Definition 2.2.14), but other times the formula will have free occurrences. We need additional machinery to handle this. Throughout this chapter, let A be a first-order alphabet and S its set of theory symbols. We start with the fundamental definition (compare Definition 4.1.1).

images DEFINITION 7.1.1

The pair images = (A, images) is an S-structure if A ≠ ∅ and images is a function with domain S such that

  • images(c) is an element of A for every constant c ∈ S,
  • images(R) is an n-ary relation on A for every n-ary relation symbol R ∈ S,
  • (f) is an n-ary function on A for ...

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