A Higher Bid: How to Transform Special Event Fundraising with Strategic Auctions

Book Description

Transform fundraising events into long-term revenue with expert auction advice

A Higher Bid is the nonprofit school and organization guide to planning and executing more exciting, more lucrative special event fundraisers. In this book, award-winning consultant, fundraiser, speaker, and professional auctioneer Kathy Kingston shares her proprietary and proven approaches to audience development, board empowerment, leadership succession, guest cultivation and engagement, and donor development. You'll learn how live auctions, special appeals, innovative icebreakers, silent auctions, and new technologies can help increase revenue, and how to execute these events in a way that translates to a stronger donor base for long-term giving. Kingston describes how to match the guest list and catalog for better results, and reveals the strategies professional auctioneers use to curate the right auction items and discover the right people to generate optimum revenue and engage donors.

This book offers a fresh approach to fundraising, showing you how charity benefit auctions can be made a centerpiece of fundraising special events to drive both short- and long-term fundraising goals while providing a fun and inspiring opportunity to generate awareness and keep supporters excited about the mission. Using Kingston's proven framework, you'll learn effective ways to:

  • Strategically increase high-profit revenue streams

  • Increase your organization's donor base

  • Empower the board toward efficiency and productivity

  • Engage supporters more deeply and keep them invested

  • Donors are the lifeblood of any nonprofit organization, and sustainable revenue depends upon their high engagement and willingness to give. Well-executed benefit and charity auctions have proven to be effective fundraisers for nonprofits, associations, and schools of all types, and A Higher Bid is the expert guide to optimizing these special events for maximum impact.

    Table of Contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Copyright
    3. Dedication
    4. About the Author
      1. Join Kathy's community
    5. Foreword
    6. Introduction
      1. Note
    7. Section I: Strategic Benefit Auctions: The New Catalyst for Philanthropy
      1. Chapter 1: The Shift: Event Transaction to Philanthropic Transformation
        1. Pillar 1: Find Out What Matters Most to Your Supporters
        2. Pillar 2: Invite Your Supporters In
        3. Pillar 3: Inspire Your Supporters to Fall in Love with You
        4. Pillar 4: Give your supporters reasons to stay in love with you forever
        5. Pillar 5: Invest in What Counts; Ignore the Rest
        6. Revitalized Leadership Roles for Board Members and Auctioneers
        7. Philanthropy Model versus Transaction Model of Auction Fundraising
        8. The Giving Gap
        9. Conclusion
        10. Notes
      2. Chapter 2: Bid High and Prosper: Are Auctions Right for You?
        1. Critical Factors for First-Time Benefit Auctions and Every Year, Really ...
        2. Decide What Kind of Auction You Want
        3. Consider These Questions for a First-Time Auction
        4. A: The Role of the Professional Benefit Auctioneer
        5. U: One-of-a-Kind Items Make Your Event Unique
        6. C: Cultivate Auction Guests
        7. T: Timing Is Everything
        8. I: Inspiration for Impact
        9. O: Outcomes
        10. N: No Bidder Left Behind: The Fund-a-Need
        11. S: Sound, Lights, Action!
        12. Conclusion
        13. Notes
      3. Chapter 3: Energize and Empower Your Board and Team
        1. Engaging Board Members
        2. Keep the Energy Going after Your Auctions
        3. Start Now for Next Year
        4. Leverage Board Contacts for Sponsorships
        5. Conclusion
        6. Note
      4. Chapter 4: Make Your Auctioneer Your Quarterback
        1. Catapult Your ROI: Increase Your Profit by 20 Percent or More
        2. All Auctioneers Are Not the Same
        3. Audience Motivation
        4. Lead Time
        5. The Style of Selling: The Chant (That Thing Auctioneers Do)
        6. Showmanship and Fun
        7. Advantages of a Professional Fundraising Auctioneer
        8. Your Magic Formula: Return on Auctioneer (ROA)
        9. What Do Organizations Want?
        10. How Nonprofits Benefit: What's in It for You
        11. Other Services Fundraising Auctioneers Offer
        12. The Auction Team: Professional Auctioneer Bid Assistants
        13. How to Retain a Great Auctioneer
        14. How to Interview an Auctioneer
        15. Competencies of a Benefit Auctioneer
        16. Auctioneer Compensation
        17. Your Mission Ambassador
        18. The Fundraising Auctioneer—Your New Philanthropic Partner
        19. Your Auctioneer Can Be Your Coach Too
        20. Conclusion
        21. Notes
    8. Section II: Designing Strategic Benefit Auctions
      1. Chapter 5: Attract the Right People First
        1. Obsess on Strategic Audience Development
        2. A Philanthropic Approach to Audience Development
        3. Attract More High Bidders
        4. Draw on Your Development Professionals Expertise
        5. Empower Your Community of Champions
        6. The Super Connectors
        7. Get Rid of Your Ticket Committee
        8. Kathy's Top Strategies for Audience Development
        9. Five Mistakes You'll Want to Avoid
        10. We Sold Out! Create the Expectation to Give
        11. Make Your Event a Signature Networking Opportunity
        12. Conclusion
      2. Chapter 6: Procure Incredible Auction Items
        1. It's All about Relationships
        2. What's Hot? Fulfill Fantasies, Hit Emotions
        3. What's Not? It's Personal
        4. How Many Items to Procure?
        5. Analyze Your Auction Data
        6. Use Time as a Guide
        7. Making the Ask
        8. No Is Not Always No
        9. Kick-Off Rally
        10. Connections to Procure Auction Items
        11. A Few of My Favorite Things
        12. Consignment items
        13. The Dream Game
        14. Conclusion
        15. Note
      3. Chapter 7: Make Your Show Flow
        1. Planning Your Show Flow
        2. Anatomy of a Benefit Auction
        3. Design an Inspiring Program
        4. Make Every Minute a Revenue Minute
        5. Transitions: From the Fund-a-Need
        6. Shrimp Cocktail—Your Secret to Big Silent Auction Bidding
        7. Run Your Auction Like a Track Meet
        8. Add a Stage Manager and Speaker Handlers
        9. Note
      4. Chapter 8: Communicate Donor Impact
        1. It's Not the Plane—It's the Destination
        2. Riveting Remarks Raise More Money
        3. Getting to the Heart of Your Message
        4. Extreme Focus on Fundraising
        5. Kathy's FAB Formula
        6. Leverage Your Sponsors' Marketing Power
        7. Sponsors Have Powerful Relationships
        8. The Gift of Influence
        9. Public Relations
        10. Specialty Newsletters and Publications
        11. Social Media Marketing for Benefit Auctions
        12. Item Solicitation and Procurement
        13. Marketing during Your Fundraiser
        14. Climb the Golden Ramp
        15. Conclusion
        16. Notes
      5. Chapter 9: Measure Impact
        1. Your Auction Data Is a Goldmine
        2. Know Thy Audience
        3. Performance Snapshot
        4. Beyond the Numbers
        5. Kathy's PILI Method: Purposeful Informal Listening In
        6. Kathy Kingston Fundraising Auction Impact Scale
        7. You Get What You Measure
        8. Conclusion
        9. Notes
      6. Chapter 10: Leverage New Technology
        1. Fundraising Auction Software
        2. When to Do an Online Auction
        3. Top Strategy for Fund-a-Need Mobile Bidding
        4. Conclusion
        5. Note
    9. Section III: Conducting Strategic Benefit Auctions for Donors and Dollars
      1. Chapter 11: Optimize Silent Auctions for Loud Results
        1. Too Little Money for Too Much Work?
        2. Strategically Cultivate Guests during Silent Auctions
        3. Empower Your Leadership Team Now
        4. Your Auctioneer Is Your Ambassador Too
        5. Learn from the Retailers
        6. Claim the Prime Space
        7. Amazing Grazing
        8. How Many Silent Auction Items?
        9. Generate Crowd Momentum
        10. Elevate Your items
        11. Superb Sound
        12. Silent Auction Quad Pods
        13. Timing: When to Close Silent Auctions
        14. Volunteers Are the Key to Success
        15. What's New in Silent Auctions? Mobile Bidding
        16. Conclusion
        17. Notes
      2. Chapter 12: Maximize the True Worth of Your Live Auction
        1. Twin Morals of the Story
        2. Twin Strategies for Ultimate Live Auctions
        3. Why Live?
        4. Stop Selling Items—Start Selling Your Cause
        5. Why Risk It?
        6. Stand Up Front and Gain a New Perspective
        7. Combo Auctioneer and Emcee
        8. A Hidden Benefit of Live Auctions
        9. Increase Generosity: Prepare Your Guests to Bid
        10. New Stakeholder Leadership for Higher Bids
        11. Curate Your Live Auction Items
        12. The Fun and Profit Factor at Your Live Auction
        13. “Auction-tainment”: Lights, Camera, Auction!
        14. Double Double—Dollars and Donors
        15. When Bigger Is Better—Bid Cards
        16. The Value of a Live Auctioneer Team
        17. Engage Donors in New Ways
        18. Note
      3. Chapter 13: Ignite Generosity with Fund-a-Need Special Appeals
        1. Double Your Income in 10 Minutes
        2. Inspire Generosity and Goodwill
        3. The Secret Ingredient
        4. Communicate Emotionally
        5. Characteristics of a Successful Fund-a-Need
        6. Showing Donors That Their Gifts Made a Difference
        7. Why You Need a Professional Benefit Auctioneer
        8. Preparing Your Fund-a-Need Speaker
        9. The Run-Through Required
        10. Visuals during the Fund-a-Need
        11. A Long-Term Strategy
        12. Eight Key Points for a Successful Fund-a-Need
        13. Conclusion
        14. Notes
      4. Chapter 14: Add Strategic Income Streams (…and Fun)
        1. Make Every Minute a Revenue Minute!
        2. Planned Spontaneity and Profits
        3. Add More Fun
        4. Fresh, Fun, and Profitable Income Streams
        5. Heads-and-Tails
        6. The Mystery Grab Bag
        7. Premium Dessert Frenzy
        8. Auction Chicken
        9. Party Boards
        10. Gift Card Frenzy
        11. Centerpiece Auctions
        12. Silent Auction Green Line Auction
        13. Golden Ticket
        14. Pot of Gold
        15. Wild Card Auction
        16. Mini Live Auction
        17. A Word on Raffles
        18. Great Fundraiser Warm-Ups
        19. Notes
    10. Section IV: Leveraging Strategic Benefit Auctions
      1. Chapter 15: Keep the Money Flowing
        1. The Party's Over—See Ya Next Year…Maybe…
        2. Stop Inviting Guests and Start Engaging Donors
        3. Do You Treat Every Guest as a Donor?
        4. Your Auction Items Are Sold, but Are Your Guests?
        5. Cheers! Sonoma Harvest Wine Auction's Stunning $4 Million Success
        6. Pick Door Number 3: Take Your Organization to the Next Level
        7. Create the Greatest Impact—A Strategic Donor Cultivation Plan
        8. Get to the Heart of What Matters
        9. The Power of a Story
        10. Notes
    11. Acknowledgments
    12. Resources
      1. Associations
      2. Journals and Media
      3. Auctioneers
      4. Books
      5. Articles and Reports
    13. References
    14. A Final Call: Giving Back and Passing Forward
      1. The Kingston Fund
      2. A Special Note to Kids
      3. Inspire Others and Yourself
      4. Notes
    15. Index
    16. End User License Agreement

    Product Information

    • Title: A Higher Bid: How to Transform Special Event Fundraising with Strategic Auctions
    • Author(s): Kathy Kingston
    • Release date: May 2015
    • Publisher(s): Jossey-Bass
    • ISBN: 9781119017875