Chapter 2. How a Kick in the Attitude Transformed a Negative, Uptight, Complaining, Blaming, Depressed Man into "The Attitude Guy™"

It is said a journey is not about what you get, but rather who you become along the way. I have had the privilege of speaking to organizations on the value of attitude for close to 14 years, so from time to time, I get recognized. No one ever remembers my birth name, "Sam." Instead, a few years back I began to notice a trend. I was walking through Chicago O'Hare airport and someone yelled out pretty loudly, "Hey, it's The Attitude Guy!"

Being the naive person I am, I started looking around like a kid in a candy shop. "Hey. I want to see The Attitude Guy! Where is he?!"

I was glancing all over and then noticed everyone was looking at me. Was I The Attitude Guy? Or was my zipper down again and I didn't know it?

The person who had yelled ran up to me with a group of people and enthusiastically said, "Hey I know you! You're The Attitude Guy! You spoke at our company conference. We laughed so hard, my supervisor peed her pants."

All I could say was, "That's awesome! I am glad I could create that impact for you guys and make someone wet herself."

It's hard to believe looking back that I was once a negative, uptight, complaining, blaming, and depressed man. Now, I have the good fortune to help people on a subject that I am so passionate about—Attitude. And as a special bonus, I found this amazing sense of humor within myself that I love to share with my audiences, ...

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