Network Support

The term network support refers to providing network services to end users. It involves tasks such as installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Network and system administrators, helpdesk staff and network technicians work together to provide maximum availability and seamless operations of network services. The objective is to minimize interruptions in regular work due to network downtimes. This section covers a study of troubleshooting utilities and techniques for supporting computer networks.

Troubleshooting Utilities

Network troubleshooting is an essential part of the responsibilities of a network technician. A network technician is expected to have knowledge and skills to use appropriate troubleshooting utilities to diagnose problems and find solutions. This section provides an overview of commonly used troubleshooting utilities available for troubleshooting network connectivity problems.


The tracert or traceroute utility is used to trace the route to from one host to another in a TCP/IP network. All major operating systems include this utility in one form or another. The name of the utility might differ, but the purpose is the same: to find out the path between two TCP/IP hosts. The output format of this utility differs from one operating system to another. It uses the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) echo packets to trace the route to a specific destination host and reports back the results at every hop on the path.

The syntax of ...

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