Security+ Exam Practice Questions

  1. Removal of nonessential services and protocols helps in all of the following except:

    • ❍ A. Securing the system

    • ❍ B. Network performance

    • ❍ C. System performance

    • ❍ D. Reduction of administrative overheads

    Answer D is correct. When you remove nonessential services and protocols from a system, it does not reduce administrative overheads. In fact, more administrative efforts are required to detect and disable or remove nonessential services and protocols from different servers across the network.

  2. Which of the following authentication methods is used with timestamped session tickets?

    • ❍ A. CHAP

    • ❍ B. MS-CHAP

    • ❍ C. Kerberos

    • ❍ D. PAP

    Answer C is correct The Kerberos authentication protocol uses timestamped session tickets. The ticket expires when the user logs off.

  3. You have been told to develop a system to control how and when a user will be allowed to connect to a remote access server. You should specify which media should be used to connect and to which groups the user should belong. Which of the following aspects of computer security are you supposed to work with?

    • ❍ A. Access control

    • ❍ B. Authorization

    • ❍ C. Auditing

    • ❍ D. Authentication

    Answer A is correct. Defining the stated conditions essentially applies to an access control system. You are deciding on how the users should connect if they need access to the remote access server.

  4. You have just taken charge of some file servers in your organization. You suspect that someone is repeatedly trying to get unauthorized access ...

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