Appendix 3

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with Answers

  1. Direct Solar energy is used for
    1. (A) water heating.
    2. (B) distillation.
    3. (C) drying.
    4. (D) All of the above
  2. The power from the sun intercepted by the earth is approximately
    1. (A) 1.8 × 108 MW
    2. (B) 1.8 × 1011 MW
    3. (C) 1.8 × 1014 MW
    4. (D) 1.8 × 1017 MW
  3. Which of the following is an indirect method of solar energy utilization?
    1. (A) Wind energy
    2. (B) Biomass energy
    3. (C) Wave energy
    4. (D) All of the above
  4. A liquid flat plate collector is usually held tilted in a fixed position, facing ____, if located in the northern hemisphere.
    1. (A) North
    2. (B) South
    3. (C) East
    4. (D) West
  5. The collection efficiency of a flat plate collector can be improved by
    1. (A) putting a selective coating on the plate.
    2. (B) evacuating the space above the absorber plate.
    3. (C) Both (A) and (B)
    4. (D) None of the above
  6. The efficiency of various types of collectors ____ with ____ temperature.
    1. (A) increases, decreasing
    2. (B) decreases, increasing
    3. (C) remains the same, increasing
    4. (D) depends upon type of collector
  7. Maximum efficiency is obtained in a(n)
    1. (A) Flat plate collector
    2. (B) evacuated tube collector
    3. (C) line focusing collector
    4. (D) paraboloid dish collector
  8. Which of the following types of energy is stored as latent heat?
    1. (A) Thermal energy
    2. (B) Chemical energy
    3. (C) Electrical energy
    4. (D) Mechanical energy
  9. Which of the following types of collectors is used for low temperature systems?
    1. (A) Flat plate collector
    2. (B) Line focusing parabolic collector
    3. (C) Paraboloid dish collector ...

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