Getting Started

Once you have logged in (page 29) and have a GNOME desktop to work with, you can get started. This section covers how to get help while using GNOME, the Main panel, the desktop, window managers, input focus, and menus.

tip || Click On the Red Hat to Display the GNOME menu

Red Hat has replaced the GNOME foot icon with a red hat. Click on either one to display the GNOME menu. The red hat appears at the lower-left corner of Figure 7-1.


This section lists various ways to get help while you are working with GNOME. Refer to page 182 for an explanation of tooltips.

Help Contents

Select GNOME menu: Help to display the GNOME Help Contents (Figure 7-2). Click Core Desktop, and the yelp (yes, this is the name of the utility) help browser ...

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