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A Primer on Nonparametric Analysis, Volume I

Book Description

Nonparametric statistics provide a scientific methodology for cases where customary statistics are not applicable. Nonparametric statistics are used when the requirements for parametric analysis fail, such as when data are not normally distributed or the sample size is too small. The method provides an alternative for such cases and is often nearly as powerful as parametric statistics. Another advantage of nonparametric statistics is that it offers analytical methods that are not available otherwise. Nonparametric methods are intuitive and simple to comprehend, which helps researchers in the social sciences understand the methods in spite of lacking mathematical rigor needed in analytical methods customarily used in science. This book is a methodology book and bypasses theoretical proofs while providing comprehensive explanations of the logic behind the methods and ample examples, which are all solved using direct computations as well as by using Stata. It is arranged into two integrated volumes. Although each volume, and for that matter each chapter, can be used separately, it is advisable to read as much of both volumes as possible; because familiarity with what is applicable for different problems will enhance capabilities.