Asymptotic relative efficiency

    for Cochran’s Q test, 24–25

    for Friedman test, 18–19

    for Kruskal–Wallis one-way ANOVA, 45

    for Kendall’s rank-order correlation coefficient, 67

    for Median test for k independent samples, 36

    for Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient, 58


Biserial correlation coefficients, 78–82

    hypothesis, 79

    test statistic, 79–82

Bonferroni correction

    for Cochran’s Q test, 24

    for Friedman test, 14–18


Chi-squared distribution, 19

Cochran’s Q test, 19–25

    asymptotic relative efficiency, 24–25

    Bonferroni correction, 24

    hypothesis, 20

    layout of data, 20

    multiple comparison, 24

    software use, 23–24

    test statistic, 20–23

    vs. Friedman test, 19

Coefficient of ...

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