Ad-hoc carriers, 39–40

Advance Passenger Information System (APIS), 73

Air America, 41

Airbus, 46

Air carrier operations

economic factors

demand for air travel, 57–59

fuel prices, 59

hedging, 59–61

lowest prices, 59

supply chain integration, 61–62

environmental factors, 64–65

political and legal factors

economic regulation and deregulation, 55–56

national tensions, 56

terrorism (see Terrorism)

social and demographic factors, 63–64

technological factors, 64

Air Commerce Act, 3–4

Aircraft manufacturing. See Commercial aircraft manufacturing

Air France-KLM, 24

Air India Flight 182, 53

Airline Deregulation Act, 8

Air navigation service providers (ANSPs), 83

Air pollution, 80–81

Air traffic control, 83

Air traffic control systems

Camp Lemonnier, ...

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