1Initiating Forms


The purpose of the Initiating Process Group is to authorize a project, provide a high-level definition of the project, and identify stakeholders. There are two processes in the Initiating Process Group:

  • Develop project charter
  • Identify stakeholders

The intent of the Initiating Process Group is to at least:

  • Authorize a project
  • Identify project objectives
  • Define the initial scope of the project
  • Obtain organizational commitment
  • Assign a project manager
  • Identify project stakeholders

As the first processes in the project, the initiating processes are vital to starting a project effectively. These processes can be revisited throughout the project for validation and elaboration as needed.

The forms used to document initiating information include:

  • Project charter
  • Assumption log
  • Stakeholder register
  • Stakeholder analysis

These forms are consistent with the information in the PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition. Tailor them to meet the needs of your project by editing, combining, or revising them.


The project charter is a document that formally authorizes a project or phase. The project charter defines the reason for the project and assigns a project manager and his or her authority level for the project. The contents of the charter describe the project in high-level terms, such as:

  • Project purpose
  • High-level project description
  • Project boundaries
  • Key deliverables
  • High-level requirements
  • Overall project risk
  • Project ...

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