Chapter 4. Component design and development 71
4.2.5 PortalToCM project
The PortalToCM project is an EJB project. This and the associated enterprise
archive (EAR) project called PortalToCMEAR make up the application to be
deployed to the Content Management node. The PortalToCM JAR file is also
needed by the modules that need access to DB2 Content Manager.
The PortalToCM JAR file contains the PortalToCM EJB that is deployed on the
same WebSphere Application Server where Content Manager is deployed.
The PortalToCM EJB has a number of utility methods that can be called by any
application requiring those methods.
Examples of these methods are the createReport() and saveBody() methods,
which create a new report in Content Manager and update the body of an
existing report in Content Manager, respectively.
This EJB is used by the portlets in the New Report CU project and the portlets in
the ReportTasks portlet project and the ReportApproval project.
4.2.6 ReportApproval project
The ReportApproval project is structured as shown in Figure 4-17.
Figure 4-17 ReportApproval module
The ReportApproval project is a Business Integration service project. This project
contains all the files needed to build the flow of activities that the report
assignment goes through when a new report assignment is initiated.
In our sample, the report is created separately using the New ReportCU portlets.
The ReportApproval work flow depends on the ReportsTask portlet to facilitate
the selection of an already created report to associate with the completed
Report Approval EAR
Report Approval
Report Approval EJBReport Approval Web

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