342 Records Management and Process Choreography
12.1 Supervisor requests a report
Our newly created and installed business process and application for analyst
reporting is in place. The first step in the process is for a supervisor to request a
report be generated for a specific topic. The supervisor will use a Web browser to
access our IBM WebSphere Portal server.
In our environment, the supervisor uses a predefined link to access the following
WebSphere Portal server will handle this request and display the login page. Our
supervisor (supervisor1) will log in, as shown in Figure 12-1.
Figure 12-1 Portal login page
Chapter 12. Solution walkthrough 343
After supervisor1 has logged in, the page shown in Figure 12-2 opens. This page
is based on the set up of our portal page, as described in 11.5.4, “Create portal
pages” on page 330.
Figure 12-2 Initial view of ILM Sample Application page
In the window shown in Figure 12-2, we can see that the ILM Sample Application
portal is selected. There are also other portals available such as Welcome,
Content Publishing, and Documents. These are default portlets that were
installed with WebSphere Portal server. We have not configured or modified
these, and there is no implementation behind them. However, we left them in
place so that you can see how different applications would be accessed from the
same browser window.
344 Records Management and Process Choreography
For our ILM application, the supervisor would now like to create a request for a
report. By selecting the ILM - Tasks submenu, Figure 12-3 opens, showing the
CreateTask portlet and a list of outstanding activities. (In this case, there are no
outstanding activities, because this is a newly installed application and this is our
first use of it.)
Figure 12-3 Create request report portlet
In this case, the supervisor creates a request for a report on the “Viability of ZXY

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