Chapter 12. Solution walkthrough 357
Any users with access to the PublishedReports portlet can select the report to
view, as shown in Figure 12-17.
Figure 12-17 Viewing a published report
We have completed a simplified version of the report creation process. Additional
portlets can be created, steps added to the process for legal review, and so on.
12.4 Records administrator audits report
An important role in any records management solution is that of the records
administrator. Let us take a quick look at the portals we created that can be used
by the records administrator.
The records administrator will log in to the same portal interface as our analysts
and supervisor. However, the records administrator will have full access to the
audit functions.
358 Records Management and Process Choreography
The first step might be for the administrator to view the ILM - Reports portal, as
shown in Figure 12-18.
Figure 12-18 ILM - Records portal initial view
Chapter 12. Solution walkthrough 359
By selecting the Query option in the RecordsSearch portlet, the user is
presented with a page that can be used to search the Records Manager
database. In the example shown in Figure 12-19, we simply place an asterisk (*)
in the record ID field to search all records.
Figure 12-19 Searching for records
360 Records Management and Process Choreography
This results in the search results being displayed, as shown in Figure 12-20. (The
results show many more records than were entered in this walkthrough. These
results are based on many records that we entered during testing.)
Figure 12-20 Search results view
In our case, the record for our ZXY study is displayed at the bottom of our list (out
of sight in the view in Figure 12-20) and has a record ID of 441. We use this
information in the next step.
The records administrator would now like to use the ILM - Audit page to access
the Audit portlet and review the details of a specific record.
Chapter 12. Solution walkthrough 361
Figure 12-21 shows the ILM - Audit page.
Figure 12-21 Searching for a record to audit

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