This book grew largely from two sources: my experiences at USCIS and Intrax, and all that I have learned from the Agile and DevOps community. Many of the ideas in this book were hatched, tested, and refined through my work with the talented federal employees at USCIS and DHS. Josh Seckel has long been my co-conspirator in the plot to make federal IT agile. My deputies Keith Jones and Larry Denayer, CISO Andy Onello, jack-of-all-trades Yemi Oshinnaiye, and the rest of our IT leadership team—Regina Stokes, Norm Palmer, Rowena Furce, David Blair, Orest Fedak, and Greg Wittman—have all played key roles in bringing agility to USCIS. The amazingly resilient folks on our transformation program, who consistently bounce back from adversity ...

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