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A Tour of the Beacosystem: Proximity and the Beacon Ecosystem

Video Description

Apple galvanised the whole area of Proximity-enabled applications and services when it launched iBeacon at WWDC in June 2013. When iOS7 launched later that year, it was the first time support for a variety of Proximity use cases was both designed-in and available at scale in a mobile platform. Since then, hundreds of companies have become involved in different ways in the iBeacon ecosystem - the "Beacosystem" - making hardware, offering proximity or iBeacon software platforms, creating shopper marketing platforms, using beacons to deliver signals in location analytics or mobile marketing solutions, enabling indoor location, and much more.This webcast gives a tour of the Beacosystem, and will cover:Proximity (vs Location)The Beacon Approach: BluetoothApple has iBeacon and Google has Physical Web?Startups and Giants in the BeacosystemStandalone versus EmbeddedIssues and HurdlesResources: where to learn more