Chapter 19

Executing Stakeholder Management


Manage Stakeholder Engagement

Manage Stakeholder Engagement

Manage Stakeholder Engagement is the process of communicating and working with stakeholders to meet their needs/expectations, address issues as they occur, and foster appropriate stakeholder engagement in project activities throughout the project life cycle. Managing stakeholder engagement entails carrying out the stakeholder management plan that was developed in the Plan Stakeholder Management process. The Manage Stakeholder Engagement process seeks to influence and manage expectations and the engagement of groups of stakeholders and individual stakeholders. For example, it might seek to influence end users of the product, or it might look to influence the customer.

The desired outcomes are:

  • Increased support and decreased resistance from stakeholders
  • Realistic expectations for the product and project
  • Addressing pending and existing issues
  • Proactive communication

Figure 19-1 shows the inputs, tools and techniques and outputs for the Manage Stakeholder Engagement process. Figure 19-2 shows a data flow diagram for the Manage Stakeholder Engagement process.

Figure 19-1 Manage Stakeholder Engagement: Inputs, Tools and Techniques, Outputs

Source: PMBOK® Guide—Fifth Edition


Figure 19-2 Manage Stakeholder Engagement Data Flow Diagram

Source: PMBOK® Guide—Fifth Edition ...

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