Chapter 29

Closing the Project


Closing Process Group

Close Project or Phase

Close Procurements

Closing Process Group

The Closing Process Group consists of those processes performed to finalize all activities across all the Project Management Process Groups to formally close the project or phase. The most common activities include:

  • Obtaining formal acceptance of all deliverables
  • Comparing final project results to the project objectives; product requirements; and the scope, schedule, and cost baselines
  • Conducting a lessons learned session, or series of sessions, documenting the results, and distributing them as indicated in the communication management plan
  • Releasing project resources
  • Transitioning the final product
  • Organizing and archiving all project documentation
  • Closing out all contracts
  • Acknowledging the team and celebrating success

Close Project or Phase

Close Project or Phase is the process of finalizing all activities across all of the Project Management Process Groups to formally complete the project or phase. This process is invoked at the end of each phase and at the end of the project. If the project is terminated prior to completion, this process will make sure all the documentation is collected and archived.

During the process all the exit criteria needed to close out one phase of the project life cycle and move to the next are addressed. If there is a transfer of deliverables or products at the end of the phase or the project the transition activities ...

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