Chapter 14. ACS 4.2 Advanced Configuration

This chapter covers the following subjects:

• Understanding Network Access Restrictions (NAR) on Access Control Server (ACS) 4.2

• Backup and Restore Feature on ACS 4.2

• Replication of Database Among ACS 4.2 Servers

• Understanding Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) Synchronization

• Understanding Network Access Profiles (NAP)

• Local Password Management on ACS 4.2

• Remote Logging Feature on ACS 4.2

• Log File Management on ACS 4.2

• CSUtil Database Utility for ACS 4.2

This chapter looks at advanced configuration components involved in ACS 4.2. The chapter provides detail on the components involved in replication and the options available for backup and restoring an ACS database. The ...

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