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A/B Testing, A Data Science Perspective

Video Description

Deciding whether or not to launch a new product or feature is a resource management bet for any Internet business. Conducting rigorous online A/B tests flattens the risk. Drawing on her experience at Airbnb, data scientist Lisa Qian offers a practical ten-step guide to designing and executing statistically sound A/B tests.

  • Discover best practices for defining test goals and hypotheses
  • Learn to identify controls, treatments, key metrics, and data collection needs
  • Understand the role of appropriate logging in data collection
  • Determine how to frame your tests (size of difference detection, visitor sample size, etc.)
  • Master the importance of testing for systematic biases
  • Run power tests to determine how much data to collect
  • Learn how experimenting on logged out users can introduce bias
  • Understand when cannibalization is an issue and how to deal with it
  • Review accepted A/B testing tools (Google Analytics, Vanity, Unbounce, among others)

Lisa Qian focuses on search and discovery at Airbnb. She has a PhD in Applied Physics from Stanford University.