60 Things to A/B Test

Always be testing, and you'll always be measuring ways to improve your conversion rates and business. The more you test, the more you understand about how your website visitors respond and behave. The hardest part of A/B testing is determining what to test in the first place. After having worked with thousands of customers who do A/B testing every day, one of the most common questions we still hear is, “Where do I begin?”

Website testing inherently generates more questions than it answers, so your first test can lead to a whole litany of follow-up tests. If you treat each test as a part of a continuous cycle of testing and learning, like the cycle in Figure A-1.1, then follow-up tests (and higher conversions) will come naturally.

Here are 60 ideas for things to test on your website today to get you started.

Calls to Action

Your website exists for visitors to take action: reading, purchasing, signing up, downloading, or sharing. Here are some ways to test calls to action that can yield quick, easy, and big wins.

  1. Buy now? Purchase? Check out? Add to cart? Change the call to action (CTA) text on your buttons to see which word or phrase converts more visitors.
  2. Try varying the location of your CTA button, making some CTAs more prominent than others.


    FIGURE A-1.1 The iterative testing loop.

  3. Test multiple CTAs per page against one CTA per page.
  4. Change ...

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