In This Chapter

• How I got started in robotics (it’s a cute, really)

• Our changing perceptions of robots (from mechanical monster-men to fussy butlers to robotic tuna fish)

• What robots mean to us today and to our future

I, Robot

I guess you could say that robots are in my bones. Wait, you can say that! In 2000, I had a total hip replacement. I am now part state-of-the-art, cobalt-chrome titanium with irradiated cross-linked polymers. Where HAL 9000, the robotic ship in 2001: A Space Odyssey, was fond of telling people that he was built in the H.A.L. Plant in Urbana, Illinois, I can boast that part of me was built at DePuy Industries of Indiana.

I was obsessed with robots long before I started sporting ...

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