Study Lab for Chapter 14

Use the “Key Terms and Definitions” section of the lab to review terms used in this chapter. Try the “Practice Test” to check your comprehension of the chapter. Tackle the “Lab Exercises” to apply your knowledge.

Key Terms and Definitions

ARMD (ATA removable media device)

General term for removable-media drives that connect to the ATA/IDE interface.

ATA (AT Attachment)

The most common type of IDE interface, and the name for a series of standards for IDE drives.


A RAID array (usually RAID 0 or RAID 1) created with two or more ATA drives. An SATA RAID array uses SATA drives.

ATAPI (AT Attachment Packet Interface)

The type of ATA/IDE interface used by optical and removable-media drives.

block mode

A BIOS option for ATA/IDE ...

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