Study Lab for Chapter 9

Use the “Key Terms and Definitions” section of the lab to review terms used in this chapter. Try the “Practice Test” to check your comprehension of the chapter. Tackle the “Lab Exercises” to apply your knowledge. Use the following sections to prepare for the video and display part of the A+ Certification Exam.

Key Terms and Definitions

8-bit color

28 (256) colors.

16-bit color

216 (65,536) colors.

24-bit color

224 (16,777,216) colors.

32-bit color

3D implementation of 24-bit color.

AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port)

A series of high-speed standards for video cards.


An AGP slot that has the characteristics of an AGP Universal slot and also provides the additional power and connector used by AGP Pro cards.

AGP Universal

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