The Best of the Best

I'd like to show you the outside packaging—also called the form factor—of two units: Apple's AirPort Extreme Base Stations, and Linksys's Wireless Broadband Router model BEFW11S4. In Chapter 14, “Setting Up Your Access Point,” I'll show you how to configure these units in your network.

The AirPort Extreme Base Station

When I look at the AirPort Extreme Base Station, shown in Figure 13.6, I see something that somehow manages to combine cute with high tech. I don't know whether you've ever seen Woody Allen's movie “Sleeper,” but it reminds me of something from that retro-“Back to the Future” film.

Figure 13.6. The Apple Extreme Base Station looks like a prop from the movie “Sleeper.”

The Apple Extreme Base Station may look ...

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