Accelerating Leadership Development: Practical Solutions for Building Your Organization's Potential

Book description

Proven strategies and innovative solutions for developing and retaining successful leaders

Many organizations today are facing a crisis of leadership. As the Baby Boomer generation exits the workforce, companies are struggling to find qualified leaders to fill critical roles. Accelerating Leadership Development offers solutions for leadership development, management, and retention from award-winning development firm Global Knowledge.

Accelerating Leadership Development provides a proven model to help companies develop high-potential employees with the competencies and knowledge capital to assume critical roles successfully. It includes practical and rigorous tools that enable organizations to identify targets and predict those targets' success with six measurable factors. With this proven development system, companies can develop a pipeline of ready leaders with high levels of engagement and retention.

  • Features actionable, effective principles and strategies for leadership development using a results-oriented framework

  • Chapters address communication and delegation strategies, effective feedback models, shifting of responsibility and accountability to direct reports, and contemporary coaching and development approaches

  • Based on in-depth research and client interactions from one of the most prominent names in workforce development

For any business that experiences a leadership failure or a lack of qualified leaders for vital positions, the consequences can be devastating. This practical and effective guide to leadership development offers real solutions for long-term excellence.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Introduction: The Business Performance Framework
  7. Part I: Leadership and Succession
    1. Chapter 1: The Leadership Success Profile
      1. The Critical Components
      2. The Bucket List
      3. Competencies, Experience and Knowledge
      4. The Importance of Personality
      5. Last Thoughts on What It Takes
      6. What the Experts Say
    2. Chapter 2: Identifying Leadership Potential
      1. Predictors of Success for Future Leaders
      2. A Meeting of Minds
      3. Do We Tell Them or Not?
      4. What the Experts Say
    3. Chapter 3: Diagnosing Development Needs
      1. 1. The Multi-Rater Survey
      2. 2. Knowledge and Experience Inventory
      3. 3. The Hogan Personality Assessment Tools
      4. The Importance of Self-Awareness
      5. What You Know, What Others Know
      6. What the Experts Say
    4. Chapter 4: Prescribing Development Solutions
      1. The Importance of Showing Up
      2. Deliberate Practice Makes Perfect
      3. Learn While You Work, Work While You Learn
      4. Staying on Track
      5. Informal Learning
      6. What the Experts Say
    5. Chapter 5: Ensuring and Reviewing Development
      1. Create Learning Tension
      2. Implementation and Review
      3. What the Experts Say
  8. Part II: Leadership in Action
    1. Chapter 6: Leaders as Coaches
      1. Coaching and Accountability
      2. Executive, Management and Business Coaching
      3. Coaching in Action
      4. The Coaching Process
      5. Establish Next Steps
      6. Establish Accountabilities
      7. What the Experts Say
    2. Chapter 7: Motivate for Full Engagement
      1. Motivation Lessons for Leaders
      2. Unleashing the Power of Gen-X Leaders
      3. What the Experts Say
    3. Chapter 8: Communicate, Communicate, Communicate
      1. The More Things Change . . .
      2. Keys to Effective Communication
      3. Getting Personal
      4. Styles of Communication
      5. The Power of Storytelling
      6. What the Experts Say
    4. Chapter 9: Delegate Deliberately and Provide Feedback
      1. Delegate Deliberately
      2. The Delegation Model
      3. Personality and Its Impact on Delegation
      4. Delegation as a Development Tool
      5. Feedback
      6. What the Experts Say
    5. Chapter 10: Influential Leadership
      1. Developing Awareness
      2. Establishing Credibility
      3. Identifying Key Stakeholders
      4. Building Collaborative Networks
      5. What the Experts Say
  9. Part III: Leadership Best Practices
    1. Chapter 11: Align for Results
      1. Line of Sight
      2. Leveraging the Performance Management System
      3. A Business Strategy
      4. The Three Phases of the Performance Management Cycle
      5. The Use—and Misuse—of Performance Reviews
      6. What the Experts Say
    2. Chapter 12: From Doing to Leading, and Other Leadership Transitions
      1. Leading versus Managing
      2. The Power of Self-Awareness
      3. Leadership Transitions
      4. What the Experts Say
    3. Chapter 13: Onboarding
      1. A Holistic Process
      2. A Modern and Structured Approach
      3. What the Experts Say
    4. Chapter 14: Contemporary Development Solutions
      1. Formal, Informal and Social Learning
      2. Communities of Practice
      3. The Four Myths of Social Learning
      4. What the Experts Say
  10. Conclusion
  11. References
  12. About the Author
  13. Index

Product information

  • Title: Accelerating Leadership Development: Practical Solutions for Building Your Organization's Potential
  • Author(s): Jocelyn Bérard
  • Release date: August 2013
  • Publisher(s): Jossey-Bass
  • ISBN: 9781118464113