J.3. Connection.OpenSchema Method Options

The following tables list the values you can specify for the Command.OpenSchema method's schema and restrictions argument.

J.3.1. Schema Argument Values

The Schema argument specifies the type of information to return and its values are defined in the following table.

We have included only those values that have meaning in Access. The four remaining values, adSchemaActions, adSchemaCommands, adSchemaFunctions, and adSchemaSets relate specifically to the Microsoft OLE DB Provider for OLAP Services library. For more information about these values, refer to the Microsoft KnowledgeBase.

AdSchemaAsserts0Returns the constraints defined in the catalog. Unsupported by the Jet provider.
AdSchemaCatalogs1Returns the catalogs that are accessible from the database. Unsupported by the Jet provider.
AdSchemaCharacterSets2Returns the character sets defined in the catalog. Unsupported by the Jet provider.
AdSchemaCheckConstraints4Returns the check constraints (validation rules) defined in the catalog.
AdSchemaCollations3Returns the sort orders defined in the catalog. Unsupported by the Jet provider.
AdSchemaColumnPrivileges13Returns the privileges on columns that are available to, or granted by, a given user. Unsupported by the Jet provider.
AdSchemaColumns4Returns the columns of tables and views that are accessible to a given user.
adSchemaColumnsDomainUsage11Returns the columns that are dependent on a domain that is owned by a given user. ...

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