Chapter 10. Gather Locally, Share Globally

In This Chapter

  • How Access works with the Web

  • Creating and using hyperlinks

  • Publishing your database and tables to the Web

Access can be a great resource for Internet and intranet information. If the data you're working with really needs global exposure, or if you simply yearn for fun and profit on the electronic superhighway, Access (and much of the Office suite, for that matter) is ready to get you started.

In this chapter, you take a quick look at the online capabilities of Access and uncover some of the details of hyperlinks and online database publishing. It may seem a bit daunting to think of putting your data online for all to see, but it's really a simple process with some very straightforward tools and procedures.

Access and the Web

It's almost a requirement these days that software be Web‐ready, if not at least Web‐friendly. Even word processors, which should never be used to create a Web page, contain “Save for Web” commands and tools (and Word is no exception on either count). Graphics software has evolved to help you create Web‐ready images, leaving, in some cases, print formats in the dust in terms of support and new gadgets when the new software releases come out.

Unlike its Office sibling Word, however, Access is a natural fit for the Web — because data is something we've all come to expect to find online. Unlike graphics software, Access hasn't left any of its features in the dust just to support Web‐readiness. It's the data you ...

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