Chapter 35. Deploying Access Applications to SharePoint


  • Understanding your options when deploying to SharePoint

  • Resolving issues detected by Compatibility Checker

Access 2010 provides significant new features for developers working on applications that must be shared among many users. In particular, Microsoft is exploiting the features provided by SharePoint Services to extend the reach of Access to situations where Access hasn't been a viable platform.

SharePoint Services provides an excellent platform for Access databases because it comes with many valuable built-in resources that don't have to be added to Access. These resources include a logon and user authentication process, versioning (the ability to roll back to earlier versions), a recycle bin, and navigation tools. SharePoint 2010 is required for the techniques described in this chapter, but many corporations using the Windows operating system already have SharePoint installed, so upgrading to SharePoint 2010 should not be a barrier to adoption of these techniques.

The good news for Access developers is that you don't have to become a SharePoint expert to use these techniques. All that is needed is the URL to a SharePoint server and proper permissions to create SharePoint sites on the server. All the development work is performed in Access 2010, and access to the SharePoint user interface is needed only to verify that the Access objects are reaching their destinations as expected.


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