Chapter 9

Automatic Data Editing

In This Chapter

arrow Fixing your mistakes

arrow Replacing data automatically

arrow Finding unwanted duplications in your data

Correcting an incorrect entry in an Access table is pretty easy: A few clicks, some typing, and voilá — the problem is gone. But what if you need to correct 26,281 records? Manually editing so many records would involve a whole bunch of clicking and typing and clicking and typing. (Editing an entire table by hand doesn’t sound like an opportunity for a triumphant “Voilá!”)

Fortunately, Access offers some handy, large-scale housekeeping and editing tools you can use to make big changes to your database — all without wearing out your keyboard, mouse, or fingertips.

Please Read This First!

warning_bomb.eps If you’re following my not-terribly-subtle suggestion to not skip this section, you’re well on your way to successful database maintenance. Why? Because the fact that you’re reading this tells me you’re a careful person who follows suggestions and instructions. These traits are the key to managing thousands of records, keeping them accurate and up-to-date, ...

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