Chapter 23

Steer Users in the Right Direction with Navigation Forms

In This Chapter

arrow Plugging into a Navigation form

arrow Testing your Navigation form

arrow Keeping the Navigation form running smoothly

arrow Opening a Navigation form automatically upon opening a database

If you plan for others to use your database, you may want to provide them with navigation tools so they can easily find their way around your database (especially if they know nothing about Access). You may even want this luxury for yourself. It’s much easier to move around a database with a navigation system in place. Fortunately, the Navigation form provided with Access 2016 makes it easy to build such a system. The form uses a familiar web-type interface to view various database objects. This chapter explains all there is to know about making your database user-friendly via the Navigation form.

To see a Navigation form in action, download the sample files at Open the file Access 2016 Dummies.accdb and open the NavigationForm form. And no, you’re not seeing double!

The Comings and Goings of a Navigation ...

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